Boosting Efficiency and Revenue with Automated AR Notification


Sana Lake Recovery Health Center, partnering with Droidal, implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate their AR notification process. The RPA solution streamlined operations and reduced time consumption from 120 person-hours per week to just 20 minutes per week. This resulted in the efficient deployment of 6 Full-Time Employees (FTEs) in other productive tasks, minimized errors, and improved accuracy in accounts receivables and patient communications.

The Problem

Due to manual processes, Sana Lake Recovery Health Center faced significant challenges in managing AR notifications. Their traditional approach involved labor-intensive tasks such as identifying outstanding balances, extracting data from Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, and following up with patients for overdue payments. This led to inefficiencies, errors, and resource drain, consuming 120 person-hours per week, increasing the risk of delayed payments, and decreasing net patient revenue.

The Solution

The engagement with Droidal resulted in the development of a customized BOT that automated the entire AR notification flow. The BOT was programmed to extract data from the EHR system weekly, identify patients with overdue payments, and send automated text and email reminders for prompt payment. This solution streamlined operations, reduced time consumption from 120 person-hours to just 20 minutes per week, and minimized errors, improving accuracy in financial transactions and patient communications.

The Result

Time Savings

Reduced from 120 person-hours per week to 20 minutes per week.

Cost Savings

6FTEs were redeployed to a different operation.


Achieved 100% AR notification accuracy.

Our first process with Droidal delivered an incredible ROI through reduced FTEs and improved performance in our accounts receivable department. I see our ROI growing exponentially as we continue getting more automation. Their team has been attentive, on time, and helped simplify the complex task of automating the process.

– Scott McKinney

EVP of Revenue Cycle Management

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