Customer Service

Organizations are increasingly implementing Automation to widely improve the operational efficiency by automating tasks that are highly repetitive, rule-based and use structured data. This approach is intuitive, and it speeds up the data integration process as well as workflows. Implementing automation to automate customer services can significantly reduce the time spent on identifying customers and deliver better customer support with a single customer view. As a result, customer service reps can reach to information faster and eliminate waiting times for the end customers.

Conversation volumes and customer expectations are higher than ever, and contact centers are pushing the limits of their current capacity. To meet this challenge, Organizations need to equip agents with more intuitive tools, smarter workflows, and automations that can be quickly deployed and easily optimized.

Droidal Intelligent Automation Services help companies in automating a wide range of Customer services as bots can tackle rule-based repetitive tasks, they can significantly reduce the workload of customer service teams.

Customer data management

Update CRM data

Customer Refunds

Customer complaints reporting

Customer email automation

Procurement and Inventory

Supply and Demand Planning

Customer Servicing

Management Reporting

Scheduled Maintenance

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Looking to Automate your processes ? Book a consultation now


Looking to automate your processes ? Book a consultation now

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