Human Resources

Today, HR responsibilities have evolved to include the tasks that support the business, but also those that enable business strategy. But given the staggering amount of manual-intensive processes HR must manage – data gathering, candidate checking, updating of information throughout the employee lifecycle, validating, form filling, request processing and more – these departments are finding it increasingly difficult to focus on anything but administrative tasks.

Automating the HR processes is an excellent way to drive improved data management capabilities for HR. Software bots can automate rule-based, highly transactional processes in the HR department that require little or no human intervention.

Droidal Intelligent Automation Services help companies in automating the existing heavily manual HR processes to minimize the amount of time HR professionals spend on routine administrative tasks


Employee Data Management

Employee On boarding

Payroll and Benefits

Travel and expense management

Compliance and Reporting

Leave tracking & Reporting

Calendar and meeting management

Staff Management

Applicant sourcing and tracking

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Looking to Automate your processes ? Book a consultation now


Looking to automate your processes ? Book a consultation now

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