Automation can play a pivotal role in Operations which is typically filled with manual, voluminous and repetitive tasks and take up valuable staff time every day, especially in rules-based processes that require large volumes of data to be pulled, categorized, summarized and reported. Intelligent automation not only presents a valuable opportunity to free up employees’ time to focus on mission-critical initiatives, it also positively correlates with organizational success and profitability.

The Intelligent Automation market is expected to grow at double-digit rates through 2024. But as more organizations continue to increase the use of Intelligent Automation, many are currently struggling to implement it and scale it effectively.

Droidal Intelligent Automation Services help companies in automating the existing heavily manual operational processes to reduce human errors, operational cost, digitize time sensitive processes and enhance customer experience.

Automation opportunities

Customer On boarding

Account opening and maintenance

Data Updates and Validation

Data extraction and manipulation

Periodic Reporting



KYC and compliance

Credit cards and Loan processing

Fraud monitoring

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