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Say Goodbye to Cumbersome Workflows With Droidal - The Best RPA Company in Dallas

At Droidal, we help companies optimize the way they work by cutting costs while turbocharging efficiency. Seamlessly making the new normal of work part of business, as usual, Droidal provides Robotic Process Automation as a Service in Dallas. In short, we help organizations build a digital workforce that eliminates the unnecessary utilization of resources for monotonous tasks.

Robotic Process Automation is revolutionizing every industry by eliminating bottlenecks while saving resources. These resources, be it time, people, or capital, can be deployed for business functions that require them the most. Droidal’s Vision is to become the most trusted RPA Implementation Partner in Dallas to support the digital transformation of every business. To achieve this, we provide RPA through subscription models that are affordable and scalable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Forward-thinking organizations have already started adopting RPA into their workflows and are getting the best out of it. What are you waiting for? Thinking automation? Contact Droidal – The Best Robotic Process Automation Company in Dallas for your business.

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RPA Consultants in Dallas

RPA Consulting

Using our deep domain expertise, we evaluate your end-to-end business processes, help prioritize areas within your organization where a digital workforce would be an ideal investment. We then create an automation roadmap with the associated business cases. RPA Service Providers in Dallas will provide the strategy consulting expertise you need to build a successful Intelligent Automation program.

RPA Development Sevices in Dallas

RPA Bot Development

At Droidal, we understand the transformative potential of automation for your business. We identify your business use cases and develop customized bots for your unique needs. We help with process discovery, identify the right automation candidate, recommend the optimal way to automate, and help with return on investments(ROI) with the best RPA Company in Dallas

RPA Solution in Dallas

RPA Implementation

We design, develop, test, and implement automation using the full suite of RPA technologies to generate maximum value. Our team of RPA implementation experts in Dallas follows a fast and efficient process. The Droidal timeline for RPA design, development, testing, and deployment is 4 to 5 weeks. From idea to production, our BOTs go live in about a month!

Robotic Process Automation in Dallas

Bot Subscription

In the Pay per BOT/Monthly subscription model, customers subscribe to monthly fees for a specific number of automation Droidal manages end-to-end services right from Infrastructure, Development, Testing, Implementation, and Production Support. Customers benefit from this model where there is a low barrier to entry as they can subscribe and start their Automation journey immediately.

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24/7 Digital Workforce

  • Bots can operate 24/7/365
  • They Operate unattended
  • Provides advanced insights

Error - Free Workflow

  • Bots eliminate Manual errors
  • Improves Data integrity
  • Reduces Manual Work load

Less Optimal Costs

  • Bots eliminate wage costs
  • Boosts Productivity
  • Eliminates manual works

Better Clarity for Audits

  • Compliance audit logs
  • Management reports
  • Internal Controls

Improve Business Efficiency

  • Helps acheive Business goals
  • Fraud Prevension
  • Increases brand value

Makes workflow better

  • Eliminates processiong delays
  • Increases process optimization
  • Swift Services

Droidal has a unique ‘Pay per BOT/month’ subscription model which could be set up within a month into your business workflow. Our subscription is one of the reasons why we are the go-to Robotic Process Automation Company in Dallas

Droidal has a unique ‘Pay per BOT/month’ subscription model which could be set up within a month into your business workflow. Our subscription is one of the reasons why we are the go-to RPA company in Dallas.

We do not have an off-the-shelf product. The subscription fee is a monthly fixed payment that covers implementation costs and serves as an all-in-one fee. This helps our clients predict their outgoing cost that is fixed over a period. Our subscription includes automation Development, Business Analysis, Solution design, Production Support (Standard support), and Infrastructure Support.

No. The subscription fee will still be consistent and fixed. However, Production support add-ons are to be purchased once the number of BOTs crosses more than 10 to 15. More BOTs in production would mean more efforts to support it. For the first set of automation, production support is part of the subscription but as the customer wants to build more automation, we split the production support cost.

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You can use your existing technology infrastructure. We are capable of using your VDIs to build and deploy bots within their cloud or on-prem setup. The alternate option is we can build VDIs if you want us to and that would incur the VDI cost. Droidal provides the infrastructure support that is already included as part of the subscription.

Yes, this is possible. If your workbook is larger, you can buy more than one subscription to build BOTs in parallel. This way BOTs can be developed and deployed faster and help you achieve large-scale ROI in short timelines.

Currently, no. At least, not economically. RPA can be easily used to automate repetitive, rules-based, and high-volume tasks in your workflow effectively. But, as with every other technology, RPA is growing rapidly, and it is going to be feasible for us to automate most operations in the nearest future. At Droidal, our RPA implementation experts in Dallas constantly update themselves with the latest improvements to provide the latest and the best RPA solutions to our customers.

Yes, but you don’t have to worry about it. Our subscription model involves BOT support and maintenance. Hence, our team would take care of the same while you focus on your business functions.

Improve Your Business Efficiency With the Best Robert Process Automation Companies in Dallas!
At Droidal, we understand the transformation capacity RPA can have on our business. Every time we help a business grow with BOTs, we feel excited and driven. Let us work together today for a better tomorrow for your business.
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