Patient Data Automation

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Automation can help in digitizing and thereby the effective management of patient data from any enterprise or legacy systems. This helps in the pre-authorization and insurance verification of every patient leading to lesser denials and enhanced cash flow. This ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements such as HIPAA while ensuring data integrity and security.

Patient Financial Clearance

In order to maintain their financial health, healthcare organizations should ensure that they decrease uncompensated care. Our patient financial clearance solutions help in qualifying patients with proper insurance plans. It also helps healthcare organizations in counseling people without proper healthcare plans about their financial options. From eligibility to enrollment, our patient financial clearance module will help in making healthcare available for everyone while ensuring hassle-free reimbursements.

Claims Submission Automation

The most important thing about claims submission is the accuracy of submissions. Our claims submission automation solution helps solve the same. The automation runs the claims against various modules in the system based on business rules and ensures there is no inaccuracy. Furthermore, it then sends the claims to the clearinghouse to ensure timely reimbursement and thereby maintain a good cash flow.

NOE/NOTR Automation

Untimely submission of NOE/NOTR might have counter effects on the claims, revenues, and reimbursements. Moreover, untimely submission, i.e after the 5-day period, would result in a resubmission of paperwork which increases the burden on the staff. NOE/NOTR automation ensures that it is created and submitted within the stipulated time period. Also, this would also result in reduced errors while filing.

Billing Services Automation

Our billing automation relieves the manpower involved with the billing team and helps healthcare providers focus more on other critical business activities. From getting the billing data from EHR to sending it to the billing group and updating the billing back in EHR, our Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Automation is end-to-end. This removes inaccuracy in billing and ensures a proper cash flow through timely billing.

Denial Management

Manual denial management is a time-consuming process. Implementing RCM Automation in Healthcare helps eliminate the denials wholly by improving the accuracy of claim submissions. However, in case of denials, Droidal’s denial management automation does all the manual work including, but not limited to, scouring through EOBs and reporting it to the relevant staff for proper resubmission. This way hundreds of hours of manpower are saved to be spent on patient care.