According to a study, more than 30% of sales-related activities can be automated. The implication for businesses is that salespeople can focus more on value-driven tasks, while their mundane and time-consuming activities will be outsourced to Intelligent Automation bots.

Automation for sales and marketing teams can play a vital role in customer service practices for various organizations. It reduces mundane and repetitive tasks by nearly 80%. Customer centers or sales-engaging departments can keep track of everything happening in the customer life cycle, and it will always reference up-to-date information in the process.

With Droidal’s Intelligent Automation services, we can automate at least a third of all time-consuming, manual sales tasks like lead filtering, reporting, and CRM management. This then enables sales teams to reach more customers and focus on nurturing leads, leading to higher conversions.

Automation opportunities

Customer Data Management

Sales & Marketing data extraction

Invoice processing

Lead Generation

Competition Monitoring

Business Intelligence Reporting

Data Aggregation & Management


Campaign Management

Brand Monitoring

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