Supply Chain Management

Organizations have invested millions of dollars building their supply chain processes and infrastructure. While most organization have embraced some types of SCM Supply Chain Management system, complete process automation and data integration remain a challenge. Some entities are involved in the supply chain include are vendors, retailers, producers, warehouses, Transportation companies, and Distribution centers. Intelligent Automation in Supply Chain allows supply chain businesses to scale up swiftly to meet supply chain business requirements as demand increases.

73% of the organizations will use Automation for the process, which contains repetitive manual tasks. Automation has become a mandate for companies that require their Supply Chain management processes to have greater accuracy, reduced costs, increased ROI, better customer value, and a host of other advantages.

Droidal Intelligent Automation Services help companies in automating a wide range of Supply chain management processes to create efficient, automated and resilient supply chain processes that insulate the companies from volatility and opens it to possibilities to quickly scale.

Order Processing and Payments

Vendor/Partner On boarding

Scheduling and Tracking


PO and RO workflow automation

Procurement and Inventory

Supply and Demand Planning

Customer Servicing

Management Reporting

Scheduled Maintenance

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Looking to Automate your processes ? Book a consultation now


Looking to automate your processes ? Book a consultation now

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