Droidal offers instructor-led LIVE online beginner level to advance level classes. For those who would like to learn everything about emerging technologiesRobotic Process Automation, Cognitive Automation, Big Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Programming and Data Science.


Course Features

  • LIVE Instructions using latest online tools and platform
  • Training material, instructor handouts and access to useful resources
  • Practical Hands on Lab exercises on virtual desktops provided
  • Technical support
  • Real-life Scenarios and use cases

Droidal Training Course Objectives

  • To understand the business functionalities that can be automated using the emerging technologies
  • To understand the usage of the respective emerging technologies (RPA, Cognitive Processing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Programming and Data Science across organizations
  • Implementation of the emerging technologies across various business functions
  • To develop skills in cost efficiencies among various solutions
  • Target a successful implementation
  • Managing solutions to get outstanding results

How to get started?

Please contact us with your area of interest and we’ll get back to you with course options.

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